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with a 21-year-old employee named steve shappell. >> morgan looks at me and says steve knows what color underwear i have. steve goes, yeah, pink with black stripes. right off the bat. >> reporter: when al had a question about an assignment -- >> i would call morgan, and steve's ere. steve's answering her phone. >> reporter: why was this kid who mowed lawns and was barely old enough to buy a beer suddenly acting like the new man in charge? kevin's sister michelle remembered him as a quiet unassuming young guy who'd done some work on her yard just weeks earlier. >> this kid steve could not have been more polite to us. >> reporter: so what would kevin think now of his employee spending the work day at the pool with his wife and kids as michelle observed when she took a drive by? >> i drove by her development, and she was sitting out at the pool with steve and the kids. >> reporter: okay, you see steve sitting with her and you think what? >> i thought morgan was having another affair. >> reporter: it was no secret among those that knew the couple that morgan had strayed before. could kevin
momentum and we have mayor and condoleeza rice and steve lewis, we have some firepower to the committee in the form of world champions and hall of famer and folks that have taken over part of 10 percent of super bowls and we can't thank you enough for taking this on. we hand off our final package. the one thing i want to realize is that this is a community effort. it's not just about san francisco, santa clara, san jose. it's about the entire region coming together. the reason i took on this goal is that we have amazing things had -- happening in our community and we are going to highlight these in the next six weeks and i'm also highlighting things that are not yet great. we have 1.2 million people who are too poor to meet their basic needs. what we are going to do by bringing the greatest game to the region is we are going to make this for the entire good of the community and that is why it's going to be the most impactful super bowl bid and super bowl nfl this nation has ever seen. with that i'm going to turn it over to mayor lee. >> good morning. daniel, thank you again for your
at the c.i.a. >>gretchen: brand-new details on what the state department has to say now. >>steve: communication failure. the nation's top spy a long-running feud. feeling a little stressed? maybe you should blame where you live. the top five stressed out states coming in at number one. west virginia followed by rhode island, kentucky, utah and massachusetts. the least stressed state? this one makes sense. hawaii. a top tip: turn off electronic devices. wonder how they gauge that? >>brian: you turn them on and realize how many people are mad at you because you haven't returned their texts. >> let's talk about benghazi. it is back in the headlines. >>steve: there is a blockbuster. john kerry received a letter from darrell issa over the last couple of days. essentially what it says -- i've got a copy of it here. it essentially says the department of state is stonewalling. what some attorneys who are representing at least four people with intelligence who are either on the ground or know exactly what was happening on september 11 of last year when those four brave americans were kil
. >>steve: you can't tour the white house. they canceled the tours. but you can pay for a party there. of course celebrities are the only ones invited. we'll tell you about what went down last night. >>brian: she thought rehab was bad. try facing david letterman. >> what are they going to work on when you walk through the door? what is on their list? >> we didn't discuss this in the pre-interview. >>brian: that awkward late-nightent view that had lindsay lohan squirming in her seat. what did she expect when she said dave, i'll come. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: i thought it was going to be a nice little interview. i didn't know you would ask why i've been in the news for the last three years. >>brian: charlie sheen will be walking you down the red carpet when you're in scare wraoe movie 111. >>steve: that you for joining us today. we've been talking about this. after weeks of threats, north korea could be ready to launch a missile today. a top south korean official saying a missile test fire is imminent. >>gretchen: u.s. intelligence believes the north completed prep for that
by mistake. secretary of state john kerry lands in the region. >>steve: jane fonda telling a group of vietnam veterans to get a life as they protest her playing nancy reagan in an upcoming movie. this morning how the veterans are firing back. they're not fond of jane fonda. >>brian: want to hijack a plane? there is a smart app for that. the pilot who says he can take over with a smart phone and he's got the video to use it. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: brian, you're saying because we use blackberries, the only way we can take over a plane is to hit the pilot in the head with it. when you're an auto pilot, are you in peril because there is this guy who figured out how to take over any airplane if it's in auto pilot. >>gretchen: something more to worry about when you're hurting a white knuckleer. >>steve: then you take over a plane. >>brian: i love the fact that we're going to make grilled cheese and talk about jay-z all in the same show with geraldo. mark airgo will be on the show. >>steve: in the 8:00 hour. a book about brand-new puppies. puppies one-day old. >>brian: we are the most
this before. the stunning details straight ahead. >>steve: an amazing thing happened on capitol hill late last night. the famously slow-moving u.s. senate moved quickly to get air traffic controllers back into the tower, get them to work so there aren't delays at the airports. will you feel the difference this weekend? what you need to know before you go. >>brian: over 800 flights are a problem and his interview caused these anchors to totally lose it. what was the question that stumped him? this morning brian lockheed is responding. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: where is anna today? that's a shot you don't see every day. where are you? >> valley shepherd creamery in morris county, new jersey. there are about 600 sheep here. by the end of birthing season there will be 1,000 of them. today we will be shearing sheep, milking sheep and tasting and making sheep cheese. this little lamb is not over a week old. how sweet. >>steve: anna had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow. >>brian: they were making noise while anna was on. didn't they know we were live? [bleating] >>steve: like th
tougher than a boy scout? steve and i will take on that challenge. we'll see if we can be weeblows at that point and see who gets the "fox & friends" merit of honor, if anyone. we are not forceed to hand out if we are not worthy. who starts the fire? "fox & friends" starts. who starts the fire? i'm done. >>steve: the boy scouts starting that fire out there did it the old-fashioned way. >>gretchen: they have a reality show coming up? is that what we're talking about here? they're going to put you guys to the test to see how you guys stack up against the boy scouts. i'm sure you'll be fantastic. >>brian: you could drop me on a mountain with nothing but my wallet, and i'm fine. >>gretchen: your wallet on a mountain? exactly what you need on a mountain? >>brian: i could survive with anything. >>gretchen: pay off a billy goat for a ride down. >>brian: exactly. >>steve: we have two tasks. one, start a fire. plus one of us is going to have to carry the other one off with a device we concoct in less than 90 seconds. they are going to beat us bad. how bad? stay tuned for that. >>gretchen: w
tape. >>steve: brian banks was stripped of his football uniform and forced into a prisoner's uniform. this morning incredible news for a star player who spent five years behind bars for a crime he had nothing to do with. >>brian: why is everything sports-related? it isn't deja vu all over again, is it? nbc kicks jay leno to the curb again promising he'll be removed again. was that a good move then? is it a better move now or is it a big mistake? "fox & friends" with the details and a lot of questions right now. >>steve: the last time jay leno left the tonight show, that didn't work out well. >>brian: they said we'll give you the 10:30 show, give conan your show in a couple of years. when he took it, nbc got cold feet. let's get jay leno back. >>steve: the problem is jay leno is number one in the ratings, has been for over a decade. why would they retire him? is this another boneheaded move by nbc? >>gretchen: they're saying it's always important to go out on top. there is some merit in that, but is that the real truth of what's going on here? they are also going to be moving the show
, as a busy single mother -- i should not say single. as a busy mother. >>steve: and she is not alone. the president had his own flub. he said, she said. what they said yesterday. straight ahead. >>brian: although i don't think it was a flub. we're going to debate that in a second. what would our country be without more outrageous rules like mother teresa's charity can no longer feed the poor. the nuns banned from serving soup without a permit. "fox & friends" starts, i think, now. ♪ >>brian: he's been out there since midnight. you're looking at ron white, a u.s. navy veteran, and he has memorized every name of every man who has died in afghanistan. over 2,200 men and women. he has committed them to memory. there you can see him writing them one by one. >>brian: it's called america's memory project. he is somebody that helps you remember things in your life, remember those who continue to serve. you can argue as things ratchet down it is going to be more and more dangerous to be in afghanistan. we're going to be dipping in and out with ron white throughout the day and throughout the
they planned the attack and when. >>steve: another terrorist plot thwarted. two guys arrested not only with ties to al qaeda but al qaeda in iran. >>brian: you think you had a bad day at work? this guy was fired after his first two words. >> you're watching the evening report sunday on nbc north dakota news, your news leader in high definition. [bleep] [bleep]. >>brian: being a tv anchor is not as easy as it looks, people. "fox & friends" starts... now. >>steve: come to work in the morning and they put the microphone on us, you've got to leave certain words in the other room. >>gretchen: yes. we do hope. he must have been looking down at his script and didn't like what he was seeing. that was what he was reacting to. can you imagine doing your first [bleep]. >>brian: by the way, if you were watching yesterday -- >>gretchen: no. he's looking down before he's going to say his first words ever on tv and he must have not liked the script he had been assigned because he gives two swear words, and then it went downhill from then and it never appeared on a newscast. i feel bad. he moved all h
on who police think could be behind this. >>steve: his gut-wrenching injury stunned the crowd but it inspired his teammates to win and grab a place in the final four. this morning kevin ware comes out of surgery with a trophy in his hospital bed. how's he doing? we've got the latest. >>brian: ladies, if you're smart, grab a husband on campus because the rest of the world may be too dumb for you. find out what campus and who's giving that advice this morning. "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning everyone. hope you had a great easter. i know that i did with my family. i just made one little mistake, which was encouraging my kids to watch "the bible" last night. it was a little graphic. i mean it's an obviously great story. i thought this will be a nice opportunity. we'll watch the first hour before we go to bed. both my kids in tears by 8:20. >>brian: it's hard to soft pedal a crucifixion. on a positive note, it is spring. we acknowledge spring because it's ten degrees in new york. the mets and yankees open up the same time in the same city on the same day. as a
, barely legal but they bought them free and clear from the same sources the times square bomber. >>steve: the f.b.i.'s focus is turning now to the family. authorities in russia bringing in the bombing suspects' parents who left the country before the attack. there's the mom. hi, brian. >>brian: hey, steve. by the way, i wasn't up all night. you got the wrong guy. the elvis impersonator suspected in the d.c. ricin attacks a free man and thankful for his attorney. and the ladies out there? >> i can't afford to pay her the millions but i am a licensed certified *6 -- reflexologist and i'm going to donate. >>gretchen: sounds good to me. >>brian: "fox & friends" from new york and d.c. starts now. >>steve: excellent. >>steve: brian, what are you doing in washington, d.c.? >>brian: last night, the on forces foundation for the ninth year had their gala at the reagan building. 2,000 people show up. two million served in two wars over the past 12 years and now they're coming home. that's the focus. you'll find out more about that shortly. but the buzz last night all about boston as more and more w
. wait until you hear it. >>steve: shocking new video surfacing of rutgers head basketball coach mike rice shoving and tkpwhrabing his players, even -- and grabbing his players, even throwing basketballs at him. now many are asking whether that coach should keep his job at rutgers? we've got the very latest. >>brian: you should ultimately decide. you're from new jersey. guys, live it up while you can. scientists say we're living on borrowed time and the extension of men has already started. pass the gin and tonic. "fox & friends" starts right now. >>steve: if today is the last day, i'm going out with a bang. >>gretchen: there's a lot of stories in our headlines that i can hardly wait to hear about, including the one brian is going to be doing with lou holtz coming up about whether or not college sports players who are on scholarship getting a free ride completely, should they be paid? >>brian: i haven't gotten yelled at in a while so it will be tkpwhraod to -- good to have lou holtz scream at me at 6:50 in the morning. the e-mails went crazy in the morning. lou holtz should weigh in.
today. guess who says he's ready to go back and represent our country? steve: the guy in the hat. constitution, who needs one? look how easy it was to get these people to sign away their second amendment rights. >> we're going to repeal the second amendment and take the guns away from the crazy right-wing white extremists and just make sure that only the illegal unregistered guns stay on the streets. thank you so much. steve: unfortunately it gets worse from there. we'll detail what happened in california. brent: -- brian:what if you had seconds to save your life when you go into the water. we sent anna kooiman into the water to see how she kept herself ahraoeufplt "fox & friends" starts right now. steve:you're looking at one of the vice presidents of the i.r.s. he's in our green room. he's doing some taxes. if you've got questions about -- if you're one of those people who wait until the last minute -- and there are a lot of you out there -- hang around because we've got some tips. and if you've got a question, e-mail us at we'll try to help you and maybe sa
the standoff ended and what we know about the dead suspect. >>steve: while you were asleep, a wild storm in the midwest with tornadoes and freezing temperatures behind them. those twisters now on the move. we'll show you where they're heading on this thursday morning. >>brian: the four-year-old who lives alone, wraps himself in tin foil while doing the robot. this is not my biography. it is kind of funnyful you find out he's collecting social security for doing all of those things. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: not that there's anything the matter with wrapping yourself in tin foil dancing. >>gretchen: maybe he's from another planet or trying to make connection with another planet. i'm glad you clarified it wasn't your autobiography because there were some people wondering. >>brian: that is true. i have no at that time -- i have no tattoos. >>steve: we have obscured that person's identity. i hope after he's done with the tin foil, whatever that is, blouse and gloves and antlers, he recycles. >>brian: he is the only man in america still getting uhf. >>steve: he has to turn this way
other anymore? >>steve: they have had a falling out. it involves a lot of the money. would you say in quest for celebrity friends, you'd never work for sylvester stallone? >>gretchen: i've got to see pictures of you and sly stallone. >>brian: we just have sketches. >>steve: he prefers that. >>gretchen: let's do headlines before you see the mike tyson interview. medical examiners will search the area behind the controversial ground zero mosque looking for human remains after landing gear was found there. the gear was believed to be one of the planes hijacked on september 11. investigators are going to try to determine which of the planes the landing gear belonged to. the area is now declared a crime scene. >> emergency crews are searching for two people after a hot air balloon carrying seven crashed off the cost of peru. they rescued five women in the spafbg ocean but the -- pacific ocean but the pilot and another man still missing. the women were taken to a hospital, conditions unknown. >> police in michigan say a mother who disappeared from her late shift at the gas station was li
like diplomacy will have to wait. our ambassador is on spring break and blogging. >>steve: that makes perfect sense. they thought it was a great idea. try the 9/11 terrorists on american soil a couple of blocks from the world trade center. thanks to that sequester, one of osama bin laden's relatives may actually get a pass. we'll tell you about that. >>brian: a win for kevin ware. the injured player taking the net after the cardinals win the championship in his honor. they brought the basketball net down to him so he was able to cut the net off the rim. louisville, a massive comeback. they are national champions. and "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: what a finale for louisville. >>brian: it was amazing. i was watching the show if the first half and then this thing called hosting a morning show took over and i realized i couldn't stay up for the whole thing. next thing you know, the comeback happened. a bunch of three's. in the end louisville cuts down the net. >>gretchen: one player got four three's in a row. >>brian: hancock. >>steve: that is our lead story. >>gretchen: it was in
are live with brand-new developments overnight. >>steve: police and bomb squads working through the night to try to figure out what happened already have at least one lead. a saudi student being called a person of interest today, plus a search of a home in revere, massachusetts. we've got the latest. >>brian: when most people ran away from the explosion, these guys ran into the explosion. the national guard heroes who were there to watch and make sure nothing went wrong but put their lives on the line when something did go wrong. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: welcome to a special edition of "fox & friends" on this tuesday morning. megyn joins us. thanks very much, big day. >>megyn: got up early. unfortunately there is plenty to cover. want to get to the news in our fox news alert. >>steve: we've got new chilling video taken by a runner that catches the incredible force of the first blast. here he is, the finish line is up there. >>brian: running for four hours. >>steve: and then this happened. [sound of explosion] >> some thought it was some sort of celebratory fire work. but then
details moments away. >>steve: the images are stunning. we'll give you a bird's eye view of the exact moment right before the boston bomber in the boat was captured. brian? >>brian: do you know who i am? reese witherspoon tries to pull the celebrity card when she and her husband get pulled over for drunk driving. apparently they did and it didn't stop them from doing the next step that you might be surprised about. that's my desperate attempt to save the word "tease" in the tease. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: welcome to studio e on this very busy monday morning. it's hard to believe it was just one week ago today it all happened in boston. late today they're going to have a moment of silence, at 2:50. >>gretchen: brand-new developments that have happened over the weekend regarding that suspect who is still alive. unconfirmed reports this morning that the 19-year-old is awake and responding to questions in writing. previously officials maintained that tsarnaev was in no condition to be interrogated. >>brian: abc says he is writing answers to authorities that he can not speak be
the scene. >>steve: it turns out the bombing suspect in boston was singing like a canary until the judge showed up and read him his rights. this morning the f.b.i. is furious. so who sent the judge? we're going to tell you what we know. >>brian: i need to calm down. >>gretchen: oh my god. >>brian: hyperventilating? don't breathe into that bag? those home remedies might be false. i did nothing to help myself. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ born in the u.s.a. >>steve: looking at the george w. bush presidential library officially handed over to the national archives yesterday and is going to be dedicated later today. you'll see it here on fox live. >>gretchen: that was a pretty cool light shoefplt that's going to be andy card, josh bolton and dana perino. all three worked with the bush administration. i think dana sat down with the former president and will bring part of that interview. >>brian: since the president decided i'm leaving office and i'm not saying anything. his approval rate has gone from 37% to 47%. some say it is higher. >>steve: the current president is tied with george bus
another nuke, and this morning the u.s. designing a response. >>steve: great. meanwhile they are america's toughest and bravest, the special ops. but this morning 700 of them say the country no longer leaves no man behind, and they want to know why. demanding the white house end the coverup on benghazi. >>brian: and it was on a -- it was a big night for big country las vegas. ♪ >>brian: she drove on the stage like gretchen carlson drives right to our stage. the winners, losers and performances from the academy of country music awards because "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ raindrops keep falling on my head ♪ ♪ just like the guy whose feet ♪ ♪ are too big ♪ for his bed >> we have to get through some awful april showers to have our magnificent may flowers. that is why it is important to have an unflippable, unflappable, unleakable umbrella. that is what these claim to be, the best umbrellas in the world. i'll be stepping into a wind tunnel and putting them to the test at 60 miles an hour. if i look wind-blown it is because i tried it once. >>brian: if you were in the area on sa
relatively at low-cost. i'm very supportive of this. thank you. did i mention steve is doing a great job? >> is there a motion? >> so moved. >> the decision is that we determine that this is the most effective way of filing electronic filing system that meets the needs of the commissioner. that's my motion and i approve that >> i second. >> all in favor? >> i should state that the department of technology cooperates with us and is very helpful. >> now next up agenda is to consider the minutes of the commissions special meeting on april 1st the minutes of that meeting. comments on those amendments? any correction? changes? >> approved. public comment; right? >> i found no errors the record will show that it was too early in the morning. >> he watches the reruns and a motion to approve? >> second. >> all in favor? okay moving right along >> there's two highlights in the director's report. i want to remind everyone that the regular meeting is on memorial day and the building is closed >> that's going to stop us? >> the meeting has been rescheduled for thursday the 30th. i'll
are injured and the death toll right now is unknown. >>steve: fox news has confirmed f.b.i. has clear photographs of two suspects in the boston marathon bombing. we're going to tell you what we know this morning. >>brian: we have a picture. and a mississippi man arrested for sending poison-laced letters to the president of the united states and other lawmakers on capitol hill. all of these stories right now. >>gretchen: first that fox news alert from texas. terror as a massive blast rips through a fertilizer plant near waco, texas. the horrifying moment caught on cell phone video. >> are you okay? >> i can't hear. get out of here. please get out of here. >> oh my god! >>gretchen: the fire explosion leveling dozens of homes and businesses within an eight to ten-block radius. here's what we know so far this morning. police believe 5 to 15 people may be dead. three to five volunteer fire fighters are missing. more than 160 others have been hurt. >>brian: after the fire comes an explosion. almost within two hours of the fire. and people instinctively go there. it's a small town. many peop
told coach severt and steve young just now in my office i paced five yards back in my office all day long and at home. just to relive that possibility that occurred this past super bowl. and that just reflects the excitement that we have with the super bowl bid. and now, today, it is my privilege to co-announce with everyone here two people that are additional fire power to our super bowl bid committee. george sefert and steve young don't need introduction but i love talking about them with the past 9ers. the coach led the 9ers to two supervisor victoris in 90 and 95. and he brought his own 49ers legacy because during had time as i remember, the 49ers earned the best defense team in the whole nation that was a wonderful, wonderful achievement and it continues with that legend, so coach, thank you for bringing your winning record and your wonderful great name to help us win another super bowl, super bowl bid for super bowl 50 or 51 for the bay area. and coach, partner in 1995 was, of course, the legendary, hall of famer, famous quarterback steve young who threw a record 6 touchdown pa
tested by the military. >>steve: in washington, d.c. an envelope filled with deadly poison mailed to a u.s. senator that stopped the mail in washington. >>brian: at least the victim of -- one of the victims of the boston bombing looking for the hero who saved her life and brought her through a tough time by telling her his story. the miss steer kwrus tyler comes forward -- the miss miss -- mysterious tyler comes forward after a plea from the governor. >>gretchen: good to be back. i was on an airplane and could not get back to the east coast. glad to be back. >>steve: yesterday talking about what we knew fact-wise. now the stories are coming out, and there are amazing stories concerning heroism and what we know regarding the bomb. >>brian: the bomb and the bomber as people scramble to find out who did this to stop the next one. >>gretchen: brand-new details on boston. we have live team coverage for you. heather nauert on the latest with the f.b.i. search. first let's look at the remains of the bomb. >> good morning. we are getting more information about the bomb, but still investigators h
. so did someone somewhere drop the ball? joining me, steve, a former assistant director of the fbi, number three guy at the fbi, who also served as chief of the fbi's counterterrorism section, had 27 years with the fbi. so we're honored to speak with you today, steve. you're a great guest to have on this. >> thanks, megyn. >> of course, there's going to be monday morning quarterbacking on this. the fbi got this guy, ultimately got this guy and the brother within five days of the attack. but we have to take a hard look back and find out why they didn't have him on a watch list. they didn't know more about him. >> absolutely. >> and why they would have closed a file on a guy who, according to steve emerson, three years ago, which would have been prior to 2011, started posting radical jihadist type videos on his youtube channel. >> well, let say this, as the former chief of counterterrorism. to get the kind of information that's being talked about now in relation to this individual, is an extremely common occurrence. it happens not ten times a week, but hundreds of times. you get frag
and if i told steve young, i paced five yards in my office all day long and at home to relive this past super bowl. that just reflects the excitement that we have with the super bowl bid. now today, it's my privilege to co-announce with everyone here two people that are additional firepower to our super bowl bid committee. george seefrd and steve young, they really don't need an introduction but i love to talk about them to the 9ers. steve brought us his legacy. during this time, the 49ers earned the best team in the nation and continues with that legend so coach, thank you for bringing your winning record and wonderful great name to help us win another super bowl bid for super bowl 50 or 51 for the bay area. and coach seefrd's partner in 1999 was the famous quarterback steve young who through a record 6 touchdown passes during that game and became the first player to lead in super bowl rushing and passing. thank you for your support and leadership and lending your bid for this bay area support of this effort to bringing it all the way to the end zone. you know, george and steve and jed
to forbes on fox . i am david asbin. we have steve forbes . rich and rick and elizabeth and john and mike. so steve, the pipe line means more jobs, right. >> this is ridiculous. it should have been three or four years ago. it is extremist that rather have us go and freeze except for themselves. it will go forward and provide jobs and gas and oil in particular . more is better and cheaper energy means not only jobs in the energy secretarior. >> rick, now of all times and we have an anemic job figure. >> i don't have an instant allergic reaction to the pipe line . people dependent if they are okay i am okay . >> let's be realistic. >> the governor who was against it is now for it and seen the figures. >> on the jobs front it would create 20,000. i will take any job but once it is built they will be gone. >> a lot of debate. >> lose the debate about gas prices. >> emac, job numbers, there are a lot of figures. it would create thousands of new jobs. >> you noted in the break there are better multiflier. there is restaurant and other service jobs and that's better than what the government uses
'll have steve, mike, and sabrina and john and morgan. mike, who has it right? >> the consumers have it right. going back to 2007 before the last bubble burst, consumers were on it and confidence had started to fall and the stock market took until october to realize. consumers have it right. cheap prices and money is raising stock prices but making consumirs poor. >> steve, these are the data points. retail sales are lowest in nibe months and consumer confidence is down. who has it right? the market hit for the 14th time it hit a record. >> the market has it right. you can have a good market in a economy. it is not good. company corporate earnings are up and they haven't paid it out in dividends and you have a peculliar situation. dividends are higher than bond yield and so the market is not a bull market only because of the dollars going down in value. you can have both. but in real terms the market is also punked. >> you wonder if the blue sky crowd is too much in control. companies like the gap, you know, banana republic all saying, we are not seeing the retailers. some in governm
and that is unfortunate. >> morgan? >> it i 3ep i jobs. >> that is it a lot more. >> and whole on a second, steve, the multiplier from the obama administration hasn't banned out. with government jobs those jobs go away. with private sector jobs, they grow and you create a job and interprize and jobs do grow. >> the oil continue to flow even after the pipe line is completed which is a raw material for our economy . so if the private sector feels they are getting a return on it good for the economy and good for us, let's do it . the fact that venezuela and iran, they will not get the money that is better. >> one last thing, the environmentam impact. these reserves are not going away and the canadians are not ignoring and taking them to the market. who do we trust more on the environment? america or the chinese. we all agree on that. >> rick, i am interested in who you trust more. there is a battle between the epa that said the pipe line costs more . the state department seems to be leading in favor of it. >> it is facinating f. i were going to gamble i would say the state department wins. the bigge
you, steve. >>> a new report shows one in five californians lives in a flood zone and that means many are susceptible to catastrophic flooding. it would cost $1 million to protect those areas and if not protected it would cost nearly six times as much. >>> an announcement comes after caltrans says more than a third of steel rods supplied by die son broke and the failure of those bolt had raised concerns about being able to strep during a major earthquake. >>> and gaza in response to rocket fire, it is the first time israel launched strikes after ending 8 days of firing. john kerry is expected to travel to israel to try to start peace talks. >>> and oh affect -- officials are talking it about starting a new react tore. >>> the coalition for comprehensive immigration reform is organizing the rally and the group will encourage south bacon greg'snal leaders to move quickly on immigration reform. that rally did an advancement on federal immigration reform which is expected next week. >>> long time south bay congressman is getting some competition fr
. >> good morning, i am dave clark, steve is right over there, you were concerned about the heat or the wind. >> the heat will be coming in behind that tomorrow and it has been pretty hot and it will be a warm windy week. we still have some 80s and we will hear more on that here is sal. >>> it is a nice looking drive and also this morning, we are looking at the commute in san francisco, northbound 101 on the way to downtown. >> let's go back to the desk. >>> a woman is accused of a poisoning attempt. here to tell us now how a starbucks store was targeted, janine? >> that woman was spiking drinks at a starbucks, the one on santa theresa just opened up and employees helped track down the woman responsibility. >> reporter: police say a customer noticed a woman walk into the starbucks and remove two bottles in a bag and replace them in a case of items. then the woman left the store and the employee noticed a toxic smell. they noticed rubbing alcohol was inside and they had recorded the woman's license plate down and they tracked her to a home four miles away, they arrested 50-year-old woman. pol
. an arrest and steve cohen's sac capital. we'll have the latest developments. we'll talk to someone who used to work there. >>> special exclusive. former cia director, former defense secretary. leon panetta is with us. so much to talk about with nuclear threats from north korea. plus he has some big concerns about cyber security that he wants to talk about. you're going to ask him about the killing of osama bin laden. so you don't want to miss all of that coming up next hour here. >> let's take a look at where we stand as we approach this final stretch on easter monday. dow jones industrial average down 24 points on the session. 25 points lower. 14,553. coming back from the record high last year. nasdaq composite also in the red with a decline in the session of 29 points. nasdaq really the weakest of all the major averages down almost 1% on the nasdaq at 3238. s&p 500 down about half a percent, 1561. >> let's talk about it in today's closing bell exchange. michael yoshakami, cnbc contributor from destination wealth management. barry knapp. steve sachs from pro shares advisers and our own ric
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